Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring mini organizer

 If you're getting older or have kids like me you know the need to write things down.
And being a paper crafter means I can't just carry around post-its right?
So I made a little mini organizer...ok I just wanted to play with my zutter :)
Take a look

All pattern paper and most accents are "My Little Yellow Bicycle" 
There are two sections in this mini.  A calender and post-its

 I used three pieces of chipboard In the same width.
Two pieces are the same length.  The other is longer as to make a spine and top cover.
To crease the chipboard I very lightly cut where I wanted the fold with a blade runner. Do not cut to hard or when you fold to make the crease the chipboard will brake off

A look at the outside spine

 Here's a look at the first page, the calender.
(I know we're almost five months in but hay what can I say)

 And the post-it page


Creations by Shirl said...

This is so clever, love it... And this would make pretty gifts... Awesome project...

Lynnda said...

Oh my gosh Lalo!!! ... This is so cute!!! I totally love this.. I might want to try and do one too !! Hugs xoxo

jessica said...

this is awesome!!!

Heidi said...

Great idea for a gift, heidi x

Shahrul Niza said...

O my. How CUTE is that? I love it. So clever. :))

RiNNE said...

That is awesome and adorable, Lalo!!!