Tuesday, March 10, 2015

May Arts Ribbon new release hop

The new fibers of spring/summer 2015 are here and the DT for May Arts ribbon are welcoming them with an inspirational hop.  Stop by the May Arts Ribbon blog to see all the newbies and how we would use them.
Today I get to introduce you all to a brand new kind of elastic.
These come in five natural colors and have a nice strong elastic.  I already know this will be one of my favorite.  Below you can see how they compare to some of the latest releases (That I love also).
The middle is the new release and you can see how they compare.  The one on the left is truly an elastic string.  It's round and great for holding things together.  The right one you all know and love.  It's the fun playful elastic great for headbands and dress up.
This middle one I like to think of as the best of both.  It's playful and lays flat like but sturdy and strong.

For today I made the perfect example of how to use this ribbon.  As a cute binder to hold all my journals and pens together.
To make: Just cut two pieces of felt.  Take both ends of the elastic and glue it to one of the pieces.  Add the top felt piece and stitch around the shape.
There it is a cute holder for all your stuff.
Up next is Mallika Kejriwal.  Don't forget to stop by the May Arts blog to see all the great new ribbon and a chance to win them all too!
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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

May Arts Ribbon and Faber-Castell week

 Sometimes you just want to add a little sass to some sweet lace.
 Awesome May Arts Ribbon and super fun Faber Castell make such a fun pair.  The two are getting together for a full week of inspiration and prizes.  Hop along with us and you could win a $50 prize pack of FC goodies and 3 rolls of ribbon.  Read all about it on the May Arts Ribbon blog HERE.

 My little girl is no girly girl so white lace really ain't her style.  So to add a little spice to a bow I was making for her hair, I brought out the gelatos.  You can easily customize any ribbon with all the cool colors of gelatos out there.
 Today I'm using May Arts 2 Inch Elastic Lace in white and Faber Castells Designer Colors pack in Tropical.

 To get the look just rub the gelato stick right onto the lace.  Then blend using the brush that comes in the pack and a little bit of water.
 That's it!

 Here's how the bow turned out for her.  Perfectly fitting her personality.
Alright now on to Mallika's blog HERE and if you want to see more inspiration from the hop, head to the May Arts Ribbon blog HERE.

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ribbon hearts: May Arts Valentine's Hop

 Get ready to feel the love.
 The May Arts Ribbon DT are bringing you a hop full of all things Valentines Day.  SO get ready to be inspired and win some ribbon too.  Head on over to the May Arts Ribbon blog to see all the ribbonistas and enter to win.

Today I bring you something fun that you could add to any project big and small.
A mini ribbon heart
 You could use any type of ribbon to make these cute heart.  I used 3/8 velvet gold dots, 1/2 woven burlap and 5/8 Woven chevron stripes.  I adore how these came out and they are super easy.

 Next up on the hop is Karen Hanson and if you need to start at the beginning then you can head to the May Arts Ribbon Blog HERE.
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Monday, December 15, 2014

May Arts Ribbon gift wrapping hop

 Today the May Art's Ribbonistas got something fun and festive under their sleeves.
Two days filled with unique Christmas wrapping ideas.
Start by the May Art's Ribbon blog to see all the awesomely cool ideas they came up with.  And for your chance to win some fabulous fibers for your holiday wrapping.

I wanted my gifts to have an elegant look so I reached for tulle.
 These pom-poms are easy to make and they just look so cool.

First wrap May Art's tulle around a base.  
I used a stencil but you could use anything.

Next slip it off and snip both the ends.
Then tie the middle with string.

 All you have to do now is fluff and spread the pieces apart and you have half of a pom-pom ball.

 To add it to a gift just use the string around your wrapping.

 I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and don't forget to check out all the other awesome ideas on the May Art's Ribbon blog.  If you're already on the hop, then hop on over to Karen Hanson's blog.
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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking Magazine Special Thanks! Blog Hop

Hello blog readers and crafty friends.
Today the paper loving, stamp crazy, make it yourself world is weeping and celebrating the end of an era.

I think we were all shock to hear of the end of our favorite "Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking" Magazine.  The news hit my heart with sadness for so many reasons.
I feel like I'm losing a friend.  A friend that introduced me to ALL my other crafty friends.  From participating in their blog hops and joining their groups and challenges, I was introduced to so many awesome paper crafters.  Some who I now consider personal friends.  Like sweet Shelly from Sweet Greetings.  Who sends me cards and has witty conversations with me on Facebook.  Friends like Donna from "Donna's Crafty Place" who always lets me join her on her crafty adventures.  And who also sent my new baby boy the cuties handmade art  (Thank you Donna).  So many many lovely people who stop by and leaves comments on my blog post, wish me well on Facebook and like my pictures on instagram.

I feel like I'm losing a muse.  The magazine was full of endless inspiration for me.  From learning and improving techniques to finding fresh trends.  All you have to do is flip open the cover and skim the pages.  Yes I'm one of those that NEVER threw out a magazine...NEVER.  I love looking back at old issues and seeing how the craft has grown.  So although I will miss it I still have something to  reminisce with.  They gave me goals.  First to be published.  And when it did that was SO exciting.  Every publication call brought out the best in me and I never felt bad not be picked up.  It was challenging, it gave me something to look forward to.  Then came all the challenges and oh did I look forward to those challenges.  I feel so fortunate to have won two titles with some awesome people.

I feel like I'm losing my favorite hangout.  All the places PC&S is, is the place to be.  The funnest people are their.  The conversations are awesome and always encouraging.  Can't say anything more.

I feel like the end of a chapter in my life.  I started crafting when my daughter was born.  I wasn't in school and didn't work.  I just became a stay at home mom.  Not long after that I found Paper Crafts Magazine and blogland.  They became my social group.  Where I looked forward to checking in everyday.  The people I chatted with daily.  As I now have five children and a job I feel like crafting and blogging and the great group I was apart of for so long is less of a presence in my life.  PC&S and all the people I have met during this time will always have a special place in my life just now it will be a different one.

Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking Magazine
Our friend, our teacher, our inspiration, our hang out.
Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you all for everything you have done for us.  For all the things you have done knowingly or not.
This one is for you.
That's enough of my story.  I know I rambled but really I feel like I can't even convey what I'm feeling with this chapter closing.  Okay now on to the next PC&S lover.  A super talented lady that I'm lucky to call a Stamping Royalty sister  Katie Gehring.

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