Saturday, July 13, 2013

This Month's Crafty News

Right now we are on our way to another camping trip.  We're going all out this summer and the kids love it.  Today I wanted to share some cool crafty stuff going on this month.

I love my Paper Crafts and I'm so excited I get to be apart of two issues this month.

This special issue is so fun.  So much party inspiration for every generation.
See the little "Wine Party" set up on page 27 in the Party Ensembles section.

If you need a dose of summer then this issue is for you.  Such great creations.
You can see this card in the "Just Add Water" feature.  I mean watercoloring is so in now and there are some awesome ideas in this article.


July/August 2013
This one makes me super happy.  I have a layout on page 28 about all the awesome things my little tribe does around our hometown in the "X Marks the Spot" article.  This issue is jam packed with ideas for scrapping from using kits to finding inspiration in music.

Lastly I leave you with my very crazy photo shoot for Stamping Royalty.
There are two main reasons I'm the one behind the lens.  First I'm really not that photogenic.  You hardly ever see selfies of me and if you do it's after 20 photos.  The second is that my man can't take a picture.  Oh my gosh it was comical watching us (gladly no one was).  It was so hard trying to rock this crown and keep a straight face as he kept saying crazy things.  We ended up getting a couple of useable pictures but most of them was like this.
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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Congrats on the pubs! And I think that photo of you is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!

Alyssa S said...

Wowzers! Congrats on all the publications! You look like such a princess ;)

Laura B. said...

You rock that crown girlfriend!! Too funny!

Laurie said...

You're so cute! Congrats on the pubs! :)

Laura Jane said...

Even Royalty can have FUN!

Laura said...

Congrats on the well deserved pubs, pretty girl!