Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 2013 A non-photographer's photo journal - Lyon Arboretum

Our summer adventures continued this past week.  Dad was off on vacation so we got a lot of quality time as a family in.  Today I'm sharing about a our little venture to the back of the valley.
Lyon Arboretum
(Visit there website HERE)
Located in the back of Manoa Valley the Arboretum is awesome. This place is a tropical rainforest garden oasis in town.  It's run by the University of Hawaii and free to the public.  There are so many pretty places to stop and lay around or have a picnic.  Today we went up after breakfast so it was nice and cool.
Our first little walk happened right outside the visitors station.  Polaris was our leader and took us to the Young Memorial Garden.  It's so pretty with a beautiful moss covered rock way, gazebo and Lily pond.
There are so many things to see in this little pond.
Ummm...like tons of frogs.
"I count none but sunny hours"
Love this sundial.
After an almost walk to the bottom of the hill (mamas not to into walking all the way back up), we made our way to the other side.  We had a nice walk up to Inspiration Point.
There's path ways with lots of manicured plant life.
We saw lots of birds too.  Including wild parrots...yes in Hawaii.  I couldn't get a picture of the parrots but here's a very pretty bird that totally posed for this picture.
Jumping is a must anywhere we go.
We made it to Inspiration Point and it was pretty awesome.
After that we walked back down and everyone was ready for lunch.
Lyon Arboretum is a real beautiful getaway in Honolulu city.  Well maintained and landscaped, lot's of information and totally free.

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Shelly said...

Some great photos and looks like some fun!! :) And I love how y'all got flip flops on! lol Somethin' we do here too.....for EVERYTHING! ;)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loveeeeee the photos! Looks amazing!!!!

Lyndal said...

GORGEOUS photos Lalo :)

Alyssa S said...

gorgeous photos! Looks like it was a fun day!