Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Girl's day doll display

 Hay all you night owls out there!
It’s a late night post from me seeing as its almost midnight here in Hawaii.  I know I should be in bed but I had to get this post in.
So do you all remember my girl’s day favors? (you can see um HERE if you missed it).  Well I had some extra “My LittleShoebox” Aiko line papers, because any paper crafter knows when you buy pattern paper you have to buy in doubles right!  Anyhoo I had to make this with the rest of it…
 Hina Matsuri (doll’s festival)
or “Girl’s Day”
 Find out more about "Girl's day" HERE

 3D Roll up Flowers Die Cuts with added bling

What is it you ask?  Well it’s a homemade “girl’s day” doll display.
As of today I can’t afford to get my little princess a full Japanese court so I decided to make her a super cute place to display her “girl’s day” doll collection.
So take a look inside…

 And here’s what it looks like filled with some dolls
(NOTE: Hawaii is a melting pot so along with the emperor and empress are her and mines animal zodiac signs.  Me being the bore and her being the roster.)
See the mini paper lanterns?  Wana make one? Well stay tune…tutorial to fallow


Creations by Shirl said...

What beautiful end results... This would of taken me months to accomplish.... love it Lalo!
Very inspiring...

RiNNE said...

So very lovely!! I love this paper line! The flowers look amazing!