Tuesday, March 20, 2012

random ramblings

So I've been taking a look at my blog and notice two thing...

1. Have you ever checked your stats (funny inappropriate warning to follow)?
If your a long time follower of mines you'll notice that I changed my blog name at the beginning of the year.  Why you may ask?  Well it turns out that "MissBliss" was attracting the wrong kind of blog attention, if you know what I'm saying.  So one day when I was checking my traffic feeds I was in SHOCK at the sites referring people to my "craft" blog.   All I can say is I bet those people were very disappointed when they clicked on the link and found a bunch of cards...LOL...it's kinda funny but totally gross!!!

2. WOW I blog about challenges a lot and make a lot of cards.
I make a bunch of stuff that isn't connected to a challenge but find myself not posting it.  And it seams like lately all my post are cards.  So this year my little blog is going to be filled with a lot more crafty inspiration and I hope your all along for the ride.  Not only cards and challenges. 

And just one more thought...
a BIG thank you to all my followers and commenter.  You don't know how much your nice comments put a BIG smile on my face :)  You keep me blogging and creating.  You gals ROCK!!!

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