Thursday, May 28, 2009

cute little mini backpacks

Paper: Most all were from DCWV grade school paper pack. also g.s.d studios & Bobunny
Fabric fowers: wal-mart Stamps: Stampology (scored these a day before for 1$ at my LSS yah) Ribbon: Most were from chatterbox and wal-mart

I was blog hopping one day and came across a FREE “mini backpack” tutorial. When I saw these cute little things I just had to try it out. I thought they would be perfect to give as gifts to my kids teachers. So I ended up making 10 (my little girl is in pre-school and has a lot of teacher aids). Here is where you can find the instructions on how to make them….
This particular tutorial is free but the blog does sell some other tutorials. Make sure to check them out while your there. It's some cute stuff.

I played around with the bag and made some little adjustments.

I don’t own the coluzzle cutters (made by provo crafts) they used in the tutorial so I cut out an extra flap, folded it in half, eyeballed a curve, and cut that out. When it was open it came out pretty good so I used the template for each one: traced around the image with a pencil on the actual paper I was using, and then cut it out. I also did the same thing for the smaller flap.

I wanted more room in the bag to load it up with stuff so for the top flap I added a crease 1inch from the tip of the flap. That way the top of the bag would have a 2cm width and not be pinched shut.

For the back straps I used 12inches of ribbon and strung just that one piece through the holes so the two ends were at the bottom of the bag. Then I taped the ends to the inside of the bag with sticky tape. For the top loop I put the holes in after I covered the flap with DSP (designer scrapbooking paper) and put those holes just above the crease.

I mass produced these so when I cut the DSP to cover the fount of the bag I did it like so……..
Bag: 3 x 3½inches
Small Pocket: 1 ½ x 2
One of the things inside are cards. A 2 ½ x 3 ½ inch card fits perfect. My kids helped me dress them up. Here is one my daughter did. Maybe it's a mom thing but I think it's sooo cute!

I hope some of the tips will help you out when you try this cute little bag out. See what works for you. Here is a look at all ten setting on my table.

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Love your projects! You did a great job!!!! And the card is NOT just a mom thing- I think it's awesome!!!!!