Thursday, March 21, 2013

Adding Color to the Chalkboard craze with SSS

Chalkboard oh chalkboard you look so cool!  You can find chalkboards everywhere in the paper craft world.  From pattern paper to creating the look with stamps.  What you don't see is a lot of color.  Today I'm sharing different ways to add color into the chalkboard craze.

Colored Paper
The first and most obvious way would be to use colored paper.

 I remember going to school and wondering why a "blackboard" was called a blackboard if it was green and not black.  I still don't know.  BUT nowadays when someone says chalkboard you think BLACK.
Well why not taking it old school and use green paper.

 Or go totally new school and use all different colors.  They make them in crazy colors now and yes...even in pink!

 The next is a little tricky.  Not all ink formulations show up on a black paper.  Here are two that I found gives great color on black paper.

"Brilliance" pigment ink by Tsukineko
In this card you will see three colors Rocket Red, Platinum Planet, and Moonlight White.  The color ink doesn't show up that great but the white is the BEST!  This will be your go to white ink when stamping on black paper.  The silver looks a lot like the white so either one is cool.

"VersaMagic" chalk ink from Tsukineko
 This one is a given I think.  I mean if you are creating a chalkboard look chalk ink sounds like a perfect fit.  You can see how great the coverage is on the card.  You should note that the colors are not as they look on the pad.  On this card is Red Brick, Spanish Olive, Eggplant, and the little sentiment and arrow is Pixie Dust.

Can you color on black paper?  YES you can.  This is my favorite way to add color to a "chalkboard" style project.

Color pencils and Water colors
 I love all those cool chalkboard art.  You know the ones you see at Starbucks or on store windows for the holidays.  Using color pencils or even water color pencils gives you this look.  LOVE IT!

Bistro Chalk Marker from Marvy Uchida
 These are so cool.  I got them because I bought a can of chalkboard paint years ago and painted everything I could with it.  These are like paint pens so I wouldn't recommend  coloring large areas with them.  They will tear up the paper.  For this card I used them to color on clear stamps and then direct to the paper.  This one is my absolute favorite.

 I hope you were inspired to try out some color the next time you make a chalkboard card.
How do you like these stamps?  All or from Sweet Stamp Shop and most of them are their new release.  For more information on the stamps used and to see this guess post, stop by the Sweet Stamp Shop blog HERE
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You all are rock stars!


Rachel W K said...

i have yet to try the chalkboard technique! i do looove your last card the most. and it looks so cool on the green! my school always called them "chalkboards" so them being black or green was never an issue lol :)
-Rachel w k

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wowwwwwwwwww! These are all amazing!! GORGEOUS!!

~amy~ said...

Love them all!!!!!!!

Annette said...

wow great job these are all amazing and so creative..

Wida said...

I love that last card with all my heart! why didn't I think of colored paper chalkboard? DUH!

Laura said...

Fabulous! love these projects thanks for the tips!

maggiemeow said...

I really like the way you brought color to all these chalkboard images. Just wanted to answer your question about blackboards. They used to be made of slate which is black. Slate became too expensive so newer schools got boards made out of some synthetic material that came in colors. Green, brown, and gray were some of the colors. Then we ended up with whiteboards which used markers, not chalk. And now there are smart boards. I still think blackboards were best. I taught 1st grade for over 30 yrs. and have used them all.

Shelly said...

Oh, wow!! You have quite the cards, going on here!! lol Love each and every one!! I too, have been somewhat playing around with the whole chalkboard technique. Not as much as what you have, though! :) Thanks for sharing!

Erin (Homemade Cards by Erin) said...

Wow, great to see these all side by side.

Quip1320 said...

Love them all! What fun and now I need to play with some chalkboard.