Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 3 of 12 - Custom box tutorial

 It's Monday and I'm so ready to get this week going.
So let's do this with another addition to
That's right, already day three and I hope you're ready because it's...
How to easily make your own custom boxes (with lids) to fit any size and any style.
Okay I'm really proud of this one and let me tell you why.
Me and math...we are not friends.  I joke that part of the reason I studied Social Work was because you didn't need a lot of math in college.  So to come up with any kind of math related anything (even a simple one like this) is crazy.  I mean this is my free time people.
Anyhohoho I hope you enjoy this one.

Step 1
The Formula
To make a box you need to figure out how tall, long and wide you want it (this is the custom part).
for the length and width of the box I go 1/4 inch bigger then the thing I'm putting into it.
For example:  My cards are 3x4 inches so I want my box to be 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 inches.
Same would go for the depth.  Just stack your cards and measure the depth with a ruler.
Now that you have that, here is the formula to figure out how big to cut your paper... 

Width of paper = Width of box + (depth of box X 2)
length of paper = length of box + (depth of box X 2)

Using my example again.
I want my box to be 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 and a depth of 1.  So I will cut a paper to be 5 1/4 X 6 1/4 because...
Width of paper = Width of box + (depth of box X 2)
Width of 5 1/4 =  3 1/4 + (2)

Okay that's as hard as it's ever going to get with me.

Step 2
Scoring it
You need to know the depth of your box.  Then simply score around your rectangle (or square, I'm not size-ist)  that much from the edge of the paper.
 There should be an even score line on all four sides.

Step 3
Snip it
Just add a snip following one of the score lines to the other  score line.
DO NOT cut this tab need it!
 You should have made four cuts.

Step 4
Adhere the tabs
Next add a glue dot or any kind of adhesive to the tab.
Adhere to the side next to it to form a box corner.
Make sure to be neat and line up the cuts and creases.
 Do that for all four tabs and you have yourself a box.

The lid
 For the lid you would use the above formula again but add 1/8" to what ever your bottom box is.
For example:  My bottom box width is 3 1/4" so my lid box would be 3 3/8".
I used a transparency for my lid and here's a tip:  Score hard and then crease with your nail.  Transparencies are tough!

 Alright now just fill it with goodies.
Add a belly band too!

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(All pattern paper and stickers from Echo Park)


jessica said...

Awesome awesome!!! LOVE the papers you used!!!
TFS more creative ideas!!!
Happy Monday :)

Pooja said...

Ya ! The box looks beautiful. I also liked the pps used !

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

That box is amazing!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee it!!! And the cards are so beautiful!!!!!

Creations by Shirl said...

This project came out really awesome.... Be like me go on you tube for quick tips...LOL!

Lyndal said...

FAB box & tags Lalo - LOVE them :) and your nail polish!!!

Rachel W K said...

these are so sweet... thank you for such an awesome tutorial and awesome tutorial photos :)
-Rachel w k

Lynnda said...

wow these are simply gorgeous... so cant wait for Christmas!!! Amazing beautiful Lalo... hugs....xoxo

Donna Bowman said...

Awesome card set Lalo!! Love the little box too. Great tutorial. I'm going to have to try this one!!

Jen Cuthbertson said...

Love, love, love your card set and the little box! Too cute!!

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Laura said...

love this quick and easy box how to, oh and the mani too!

RiNNE said...

Awesome sauce!!!! Love the chevron pattern!