Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas count down - Day 2

Day two in my Christmas count down is here and I've got a holiday wreath to share. As everyone knows it doesn't snow in Hawaii so I try to add a lot of snowy feeling things to my home.

This wreath is super easy, and super cheep to make, but boy did it take a while. This is one of those projects where I saw it done and said to myself..."I can do that!"
And now you can do it too

What you need
plain foam ring you can find and you local hobby store
Pattern paper
stapler and staples

To make
1. tie ribbon onto foam ring...this is your hanger
2. cut pattern paper into strips of 1x2 inches
3. the fold each one in half long ways
4. next staple them onto the front of ring
You may do all around the ring but I see no point as the back will be up against a that's a whole lot-a work.
I wanted a less uniform look so I staggered my staples, but you can do it in rolls if you like.
5. Decorate!
I added snowflakes with fishing string and tacks
and the snowman is a Cricut creation from doodlecharms.

now go spruce up your door and if you make one I would love to see what you did so please share a link in the comments!


Creations by Shirl said...

Now that is a clever wreath Lalo!
love it......I bet it must of took sometime to accomplish it.... very well put together....

Have A Scrap Happy Day said...

OMG, I can see why it took a long time to finish. Very cool but I don't think I have that much patience. LOL. TFS

Lynnda Hosni said...

WOW... thats clever!!! TFS Lalo... hugs...xoxo

RiNNE said...

It's Sooooo wonderful!!! Love it, Lalo! How original and I just love how it's so unique!