Wednesday, August 5, 2009

This ones for you!

Lovely Brenda has sent her followers an award and I wanted to pass it on to all my beautiful followers. Brenda is the nicest person I met in blog land. She does awesome Layouts and always leaves me some love on my post. She’s the best.
Check out her blog @ Brenda’s Joy

So for all my followers "This ones for you"

Suzy-sunshine & Tanya- Who past blog award to me

All the wonderful ladies who I meet through the Cricut MB, PCP, through challenges, and the crafters who found me through the Anya blog hop (how fun was that). This one is even for my followers who don't have a blog (past it on your wallpaper).

I really appreciate all you followers and hope this brings you a smile :)

Side note: I just found out that my “shave ice” summer book was one of five that won the Summertime Challenge from the Zutter Zisters blog. So excited because the winners get a Display-it-all. Check out all the winners and Bind-It-All inspirations on there blog HERE or their new Zutter Zister message board. Oh and as a kaquink-a-dink Brenda was also a winner.


Brenda said...

awww you are sooo sweet....don't make me cry I am the biggest cry-baby!
I was so happy to see that both of our projects were winners! And talk about inspiration that new message board....WOW! I hope this encourages people to use or get a BIA!!
Congrats girlfriend!!!

Brenda said...

I have something for you on my blog