Monday, June 8, 2009

letterpressing with impressabilities

So two weeks ago I shared to you all Spellbinders Impressabilities. I got to playing around with them and inked them up. The result came out pretty cool and I just wanted to share.

To start off I laid down the impressabilitie plate on some scrap paper. I will get messy. Then I pressed the ink on the surface of the plate. I used ColorBox pigment ink in frost white. I think for this project a sponge ink pad is best. It is very important NOT TO RUB. The plate is metal and abrasive so if you rub it will tear up the pad.
Then run the plate with the paper your embossing trough your machine. Be careful not to touch the top of the plated because the ink will rub off. I use a Big Shot, if you need info on stacking I posted it here......

And that's it. You can trim the edges on the inside or the outside of the boarder or cut out a piece, but let the ink dry before handling it. Here is a picture of paper embossed with & without ink.......

Now for cleaning.
I used a dapper style stamp cleaner and a shammy style towel (one with no bristles). I tried to get off as much ink with the towel as possible then used the cleaner. Again remember NOT TO RUB I just dab the surface with the cleaner and wiped it off. Took me two times but it all came off.

You can't really see the embossing in the pictures but it looks awesome. I posted a card I made with the letterpress below.
Have a great week everyone.

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