Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fathers Day X2

Just finished two fathers’ day cards. I didn’t know if I would make it in time this year but I did. Yah here they are...

Card #1

Cricut: Paper Pups (dog & hearts), Wild card (saying)
Quickuts: embossing folder (Stripes Label)

Made this card super simple but I got a chance to use my new embossing folder. Quickuts just came out with these recently and Jen turned me on to them (Thanks Jen). They look and work exactly like the cuttlebug embossing folders but at my LSS they were a little cheaper.

Card #2

Cricut: Wild Card (card & words)
Mementos Ink: Desert Sand & Potter’s Clay
Stampendous: Clear embossing powder
Bounty: Paper towel no designs

I made this one with my dad in mind. In the window of the card I used a technique called “Faux Snake Skin” that I found on stamp TV. It’s a really cool look and a neat technique.

So what you do is cut your paper towel to the size you want and place it on scrap paper. (For mines I worked with one big piece and cut the strips after).
Next you want to ink up your paper towel really good on both sides AKA use a lot of ink. I did two colors for this look so I soaked mines with “desert sand” the liter color, then lightly tap the top of one side (the side without the big patterns) with “potter’s clay”.
Now it’s time to emboss. Caution I used half my 1oz bottle for this one. Remember to place your paper towel on a surface you can heat and funnel the extra powder. For me I use just extra cardstock. So pour the powder onto the towel and press it in, then flip it around and do the other side. Now use your heat gun and heat both sides of the towel.
Let dry and you’re done.

TIPS: I didn’t get the look I wanted so I cut the paper towel into strips with my paper cutter and weaved it. The ink comes off a little and I found that I had to use extra strength glue (E-6000). My sticky tape and Tombo glue didn’t work. Keep baby wipes on hand to clean up you fingers.

Go on over to ginaK designs “stamp TV” and check out the video they have up on how to do this.

Here it is……

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Anonymous said...

love the cards. The first is so cute and now i have to go and get me some papertowels.