Monday, May 11, 2009

The Bag

Medium note topped purse template
Heidi Grace Designs double sided pattern paper (Reagan's closet)
Versa color ink (pinecone)
Wal-mart eyelets
18gage wire
Pearl beads (fake of course)

I love my cricut and although I have several bag cuts I had to give this non-cricut one a try. I found this cut little bag when I was blog hopping one day. If you don’t know about this site check it out. Lots of ideas you’ll love. So the way I did it was to first print out the templates on cardstock. I printed it on cardstock because it holds up better when tracing and when I’m done with the project I can file it away for when I want to use it again. Here’s the templates…

You scor and tape the bottom of the bag as shown. For the handle I put two eyelets half-an-inch down the center of both sides of the bag. The beads are repurposed. Someone had given me an old gift bag that broke, and just like my mom would, I saved the beads. I put one end of my wire in the eyelet and twisted the end with needle-nose pliers, enough so it won’t go through the hole. Then made a loop about an inch and a half up the wire (so the beads stay in place), beaded the beads and then put another loop at the end of my beads. Then cut the wire (give it some room so it’s easier to work with) Put the end through the eyelet and twist again. Tada a handle.

For the top I decided to use the reverse side of the paper. Cut it out using the template then inked the sides. I creased the top of the paper twice just so it would have a snug fit. Glued just the part that would sit on the back of the bag and then added a glue dot in front to keep it closed.

You can put anything you want in it but watch the weight it is paper after all. I filled this one up with doves dark chocolate, my moms favorite. The bag is super simple and easy to make and it comes out looking awesome.

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