Thursday, May 14, 2009

Altered Composition Books

When I first wanted to make an "Altered Composition Book" I had no idea what I was doing. So after playing around this is what I came up with. Hope this helps you :)
What You Need
Composition Book
Paint brush

When ever I use decoupage or paint I like to put down some paper to work on. I’m a very messy girl. Freezer paper is awesome and that’s what I like to use but anything is find.
OK lets get started covering the book. You could cover the book two ways. One is to cover over the Black spin and the other is to put your paper right next to it. I like option #2 don’t know why I just do (wow that rhymes).

NOTE:You never want to completely cover around the spin because the paper will get distorted when opening and closing the book.

Composition books are 9 5/8 inches long. If you’re covering the spin your paper width will be 7 1/8”, if your not it will be 6 5/8”. If in doubt always cut a bigger piece. You can always trim off the excess.
When you have your paper ready lay down a coat of decoupage, attach paper and smooth it out so it lays flat. Some people use sponge brushes with the decoupage but I like a regular paint brushes.

NOTE: When painting your book make sure you open it flat so that only the side your working on is painted (you don't want the pages to stick together).

Now open the book and trim the extra paper off. Around the corners and if you have a little extra paper on the sides.
Next I lay down may flat paper embellishments. I use just glue for this, whatever you like to use when gluing. You can also paint and stamp at this time. After decorating with my flat embellishments I decoupage over everything.

Next I finish the front with my 3D embellishment. And that’s it. I like to do the back cover and the inside front cover just so it looks finished. You would just fallow the same steps with out the 3D on the back.

Ok well, hope you enjoyed and remember nothing in crafting is wrong because everything is an original.

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