Saturday, March 22, 2014


Hello weekend scrappers!
Today I'm sharing a random layout about the everyday using the everyday.
Yes it's a page about my Kate Spade bag.  I'm switching it up from my usual family layout to scrap something that is totally and just for me.  Since I was documenting this "event" I thought... What better way to preserve all the cool tags and wrappings that came with the bag then to scrapbook them onto the page.  Here are the things I incorporated.
Super cool tissue paper, the sticker that held the tissue paper and the price tag.
 To add the tissue paper I mod podged (is that a word? It should be.) a whole 12x12 paper and added the tissue to the top.  To make sure the corners didn't come off I just brushed a little mod podge to the top.  There's really no need to paint the whole top.

These goodies could easily be paired with any scrapbook line but I thought the earthy fabulous richness of Maggie Holmes' Styleboard was the perfect fit.
I totally indulged myself and enjoyed every minute of it!

Have a great weekend.
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Laura said...

Such a fun page and I love the bag!

SuiLan said...

Super cute layout! I don't blame you one bit for doing a layout on your KATE!

Deborah said...

Cool idea great page very fun and happy