Monday, June 10, 2013

June 9, 2013 Waimea Valley (Intro to "The non-photographer's photo journal")

 Hello my awesome blog followers.
Okay so, I had a bright idea and if you know me it's one of those... "I actually had this idea awhile ago but procrastination is a too dear friend of mines" SO I'm finally doing something about it.
...What am I talking about?  Let's start at the beginning...
Once our little tribe started growing and doing more and more amazing things together, we decided we needed a good camera to capture those memories.   I know I have no idea how to work this camera to it's full potential.  I don't know what an aperture is or does...what is good lighting or not...focus...angles...blah blah blah!  Then there's editing.  Let's just say me and computers speak different languages (well technique that's true but most people can decode it and I can't so....).  I don't use Photoshop simply because I can't afford it.  SO what I'm saying is I have a nice camera, my family does amazing stuff and I like to take pictures of it.  So here it is.  The start of a non-photographer's photo journal.

Waimea Valley
This weekend we took a trip to the North Shore.  After spending some time at Waimea Bay we made our way up to the valley.  They have a whole big botanical garden leading up to the waterfall.  It's really commercial which my family really doesn't do much of, but since we had guess we shelled out the money and took the walk up.  
The greenery, sunshine and cool breeze made for a lovely time.
 Any mother knows what those droopy eyes mean.  Factoring that he was riding in a stroller and the peacefulness of the valley, nap time wasn't far off.

 There were lot's of plants and they all had name plates which were cool.  Funny but we didn't pass by a lot of native plants.  Also on the walk were some falling rocks signs and lots of stairs.
 I spy my kids.  Can you?
 Yes I'm one of those parents that let my kids explore on their own.  Granted that it's safe, they stay together  and they don't go to far.  I have a big mouth so I'm also the parent who's calling out to my kids.

 I'm a sucker for moss and ferns.  Oddly enough mushrooms too but finding them are hard.

Thought the Lauae (fern) looked cool growing out from the roots of this tree.  Also thought the roots looked liked fingers...or is it just me?

 We made it to the falls.
The sun was still shinning and the air was sweet.
I guess there has been issues because now they make everyone going in the water wear a life vest.  No one climbs and jumps off the falls anymore either.

We had a nice time and the kids had fun too.  Is it worth the price?  I don't think so.
 This valley has so much history and struggles and there really wasn't any info on any of it.  Although they did have a native garden, it was off to the side and not to many native plants were visible and marked on your journey to the main attraction.
 One more photo to end our trip.
We spotted this peacock on our way out.  WARNING peacocks attack.  We learned that the hard way sometime ago at the zoo.


Lynnda said...

wow ... lovely photos... wish im there to enjoy the sun!... its bbrrr here.where I am... hugs...x

Lyndal said...

Gorgeous photos Lalo :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Yeah... peacocks aren't very nice! I loveeeeeeeee the photos!! They are gorgeous!

Kara Lynne said...

Beautiful photos, I love reading your comments along the way.

Rachel W K said...

i loooove waimea falls! what a fun trip you all took. not sure about the lifevests though... just jump in and enjoy it!

Laura said...

great pics, hubs and i were just saying we need to start saving for a Hawaii trip. Oh and happy birthday ( a bit early).

~Tammy~ said...

Oh I miss this walk! You're making me miss Hawaii! Living there 9 years flew by!