Friday, February 8, 2013

Paper Love Bomb

 SO are you sick of all the lovey-dovey-ness on my blog yet?
Muahahaha I'm sooo not done yet.  In fact I'm about to blow you all away "pun intended"!
 Yes they're little paper love bombs to put yummy treats in.

Because these are paper crafted DIY goodness you can bet there's a tutorial.
1. Get your supplies and cut up your paper

2. Mark an inner circle (and a circle tip)
I used Spellbinders Nestabilities circle dies for this project.  Using the two different size packs gave me two circles with a half an inch difference.
For this step you are going to mark off an "inner" circle on the wrong side, which will become a cut guide.
TIP:  Because Spellbinder has a hole in the middle of the die and a space between the "cut" and the opening of the hole, you can easily make a guide line by tracing around the inside of the die.  To do this make sure you make the cut with the back of the paper facing the die.

3. Cut and bend
See your guide line?  Now make small cuts up to that line going all the way around your circle.  Remember: The closer the cuts, the better the circle.
 Now bend up all the little pieces making sure you are bending them to the back of your paper.

4. Tape
Add double sided tape around both circles.  This will be on the little lip where you made the slits.  You also want to add tape to one of the 4 1/2 inch sides of the rectangle piece.

5. Wrap it around (tip on how to get a flat bottom)
Making the container: You're now going to remove the tape backing on the smaller circle and the rectangle.  Now wrap the rectangle around the circle starting with the non-tape side (so the taped side will be the last to attach to the circle.
TIP:  To get an even bottom, keep the flat part of the circle on a flat surface.  Wrap the rectangle around the circle keeping the bottom of the circle on the surface.  Tried to get a picture of the here...
 See...flat bottom
 For the cover: Remove tape backing and wrap paper piece around the bigger of the two circles.
If you notice in the picture it doesn't come completely to a close.  This isn't intentional but it also doesn't bother me (in other words I'm too lazy to fix it).  If this bothers you just make your paper strip a little longer.  I would say 6 1/4 inches would do it.

6. Add a fuse
Every bomb needs a fuse right!  I suggest this one: May Arts  2mm cording.  It's wired so that means it will stay standing.  Plus the texture looks like a fuse.  Oh yeah and it's gold which is AWESOME!
 To add it to your cover just poke a hole into the top.  You don't need anything fancy, I just used my scissors.  Then string the rope and bend it to the side (on the inside).  Tape it down on the inside to secure it.

7. BAM!
Embellish your little heart out on these things.  Put in a little sumthin' on the inside and slap the cover on.  BAM!!! a cute little gift.  I went all PUNny for my sayings.  Feel free to do the same.

That's it for today.
All the pattern paper and thickers used in this tutorial are from American Crafts "XOXO" collection.
If you make a paper love bomb I would love to see.  Please leave a link in the comments so I can check it out!


Angi said...

Love these paper bombs!!!!

JJ Bolton said...

Love how your creative mind works! You are one clever mama!

Laura B. said...

hello gorgeous pink glittery nails!!! love these love bombs!

Lynnda said...

Love these paper bombs!!! You are genius Lalo.... I totally love it!!! hugs...xoxo

thescrapmaster said...

Omgosh these are darling!!!

Shahrul Niza said...

Oh LALO, this is all CRAZINESS!!! LOL, my heart are pumping so hard, I'm LOVING this!!. Gorgeous floral papers, I LOVE your nail colors :), beautiful photography and great tutorial!!. Can't say more but I'm happy to see your creations!. HUGS.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

OMYGOSH!! These are ADORABLE!! Love them!!!

Anonymous said...

You are truly amazing!!!!!

Pooja said...

wow ! lovey idea of paper bombs ! They look adorable .Thanks for sharing !

Virginia said...

SO very cute! what a great idea!!

Jingle said...

These are SO adorable! I love them! So fun!

Virginia L. said...

Aw... this is THE BOMB!! Love your idea and design! I must keep this in mind! So cool!!!!!

Laura said...

great tutorial and prettiest bombs ever!