Friday, December 14, 2012

Day 12 of 12 - Kiddie goodies

Hello Holiday hoppers
Is it day 12...ummmm...oops!
 I seriously don't know what happened to my day December 12 post.  I totally blame it on human error my blogger!
Anyways, on to today's post

 The kiddies are all getting ready to go on Christmas break and with that comes Holiday goodies for their classmates.  This year we are passing out little mini coloring books with shape crayons.
All 50 - all handmade.  Here's a look
(the ones with blue washi is for my son class and the ones with red are for my daughter's)
  Here's how they open
  And a look at the inside

I love these little Christmas shape crayons and you bet I have a tutorial for you.
Come back tomorrow to check out how to make them...It's super easy!

Okay please don't forget about the other ladies with their last Holiday projects for the hop
Want to see them all in one place?  Then follow our pinterest board HERE...lots of inspiration!


Lyndal said...

LOVE the little packages Lalo - and the warning :)

Laura B. said...

These are absolutely adorable Lalo!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhhhhhh these are ADORABLE!! I love love love those crayons!!!

Pooja said...

Has smile reading the warning !Liked the packages and cute stamps !

Wida said...

what is going on on your blog??? It crazy awesome with all these inventive posts and great designs like EVERY day. Not a single one slacks off. just nailing it. Cute idea, awesome packaging, love the stamp too!

RiNNE said...

What a great idea, Lalo! Yes, please, on the tutorial! They are adorable!

JJ Bolton said...

You rock Lalo! Totally and completely awesome! I love gifts with a fun twist:)

And I love that note that says "do not eat"! Apparently, you have met my children, lol! They're 13 now, but they would be so embarrassed to know that they're mama is telling the world that they used to eat crayons (and playdoh). At least I didn't talk about the time, one of them got a crayon got stuck up his nose;)