Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A simple ribbon flower tutorial

 Want to make ribbon flowers like this....

Well it all starts with a simple ribbon flower.
Here's how to make a one.

 The things you need
1.5" Faux Linen by May Arts Ribbon
Sewing Needle and Thread
Strong glue (I used E6000)
Felt circles (Cut mines with a die-cut)
Plain Hair clip (alligator clips)

1. Fold the ribbon in half and hand stitch along the bottom of the ribbon.
Being exact isn't necessary.

2. Sew to the end of ribbon then cut and tie a knot in the end of the thread.

 3. Pull the thread so that the ribbon naturally gathers.  Not to hard!

4. Twist and turn you ribbon so when looking at the back all bottom parts (where the stitches are) are together.  Like bellow...
 This is what the top should look like

 5. Now your going to reach for you felt and glue.  Add a big blob on a piece of felt.

6. Then just add it to the back of your flower.

 Okay for most that would be it but I like to add my ribbon flowers to a clip.
(The benefits of this in the next tutorial)
 So here's how you do this

Add your clip to the back of the felt and open clip.

Add a second piece of felt over the top of clip like so.
 That's it
 a simple ribbon flower.
Be sure to see how to jazz up your flower in the next tutorial!


Laura said...

love these i am definitely going to have to create something girlie so i can make some!!

Sandy said...

LOVE the closeups in your tutorials - even I might be able to do this! :)