Saturday, June 9, 2012

May Arts gift trio

 So who wouldn't want the opportunity to play with some awesome ribbon?
I don't know, because I would dive into a pool of delicious ribbon...and probably get tangled in it but anyways...
I had to give it a go and try out to be a May Arts "Ribbonista".  Even the name sounds too cool!
 Here's my project ribbon trio
 It's a gift set earrings and necklace complete with gift bag and card


Want to know how to make an earring out of ribbon?
It's super easy peasy and I'm showing you how...

Here's the tools you'll need
Crop-a-dile, scissors,two jewelry pliers (Having these makes it easier)

The goods you need
eyelets, jump rings, stickers, Fabulous ribbon (yes it must be fabulous), and either earring fastenings or chain for necklace or both.

Making an earring
 1. Cut your ribbon in a fish tail on the bottom.  Then fold the top over at least a half an inch.
The length all depends on how long you want it.

 2. Use your Crop-A-Dile and punch a 1/8 hole in the middle of the side you folded over.  
Note that you will be punching through two layers of ribbon.
(sorry ladies but a hole punch will not do)
3. Add an eyelet.  Here is what the back should look like.  See how the eyelets is in the center.

4. Now your going to open up your jump ring.  
You can do this by hand but it's much easier with two jewelry pliers.

5. Next you have to add your fastening and ribbon to the jump ring and close the jump ring.
To do this you just have to make it back into a ring.
 If you were making the necklace you just attach the jump ring to the chain (see bottom)

6. Last thing is to embellish.  
For this set I just used some of my scrapbook stickers and alphas with some strong glue.

Lastly give it to someone special!
 Here's a picture of the my little girl all decked out in ribbon jewelry.
 Okay that's it.  Hopefully it's "Ribbonista" worthy!


Laura B. said...

Wow! So creative!! Adorable little model, too!

Lynnda said...

WOW WOW Lalo...Amazing creation!!!... So clever!!!...and your DD ...shes so sweet...hugs...xoxo

Shahrul Niza said...

Your gift set is SUPER GORGEOUS!!!!. Your little girl is so sweeet too. Great tutorial for the ever so trendy art-to-wear jewelry. HUgs.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! This set is GORGEOUS! LOVING the colors and loving those fabric pennants and your daughter looks beautiful wearing them!!!

JJ Bolton said...

Super cute! Good luck with May Arts! (Your daughter is adorable BTW:)

Annette said...

oh my how cute...I love this cute little jewelry...very creative and fun...Love your new photo...

Laura said...

love this idea! so pretty. and your girlie is so super sweet!

~Tammy~ said...

I do believe this is hands down ribbonista worthy!!! This is outstandingly cool! You are so clever!!!

canadian_liner said...

Lalo, (or Kelli?) Just came across your creations/blog on the Paper Wishes site. LOVE the whale card, but REALLY love this 3D projects section! Wonderful things here! I esp like your "re-purposed items like the chalkboard display drawers. Thanks for the inspiration!