Monday, April 30, 2012

A Tape Trend Trio

 Hello my name is Lalo and I'm a craft hoarder.
Yes it's true, I see pretty things people make with cool products then buy them all up only for it to sit on my craft desk getting all dusty.  
 But not today, I'm making a dent in my "bought but never used" pile by ripping open four packs of "printed paper tape"
 It took a challenge to get me on the "use it" wagon.  These three are for 

Here's how the cards started.  Just tape on a piece of paper and I got all three cards from this one piece.

Card 1
The die-cut window card
 Card 2
Using the die-cut card

Card 3
A die-cut card


Yasmina TINSANG said...

beautiful cards!

Lynnda Hosni said...

WOW those set are simply gorgeous... you rocked Lalo... hugs...xoxo

Sophie said...

Das sind lustige und fröhliche Karten.
Schöne Ideen, gefällt mir :-)

Liebe Grüße und einen schönen 1. Mai

RiNNE said...

Great job! Love the mixture of colors and patterns!

Laura said...

sweet, love this idea!

~Tammy~ said...

Gorgeous! Love love this so much!

Yes, I am a craft hoarder and mine started actually from when I lived in Hawaii because, as you can relate, it's hard to find those supplies. I just moved after living there for 9 years, and I find myself "stocking" up still when I see something. I have got to get out of that mind set. Ha!

Love love your work and so happy I found your blog!

Marlena M. said...

This is AMAZING Lalo!

Jean said...

What a great set of cards ~ I recognize those tapes as from Target. I'll be casing them! Thanks for the idea!

Wida said...

Wow! Great use of the tapes! I like the second one best! The use of the label to help break up the pattern is genius!

Jay Gee said...

What fantastic use of the tape Lalo and all 3 cards are lovely :)

Suzanne Russell said...

Congratulations on breaking that hoarding habit! LOL Your cards are delightful! I love the combination of tapes. Have you ever made your own from stamping on tissue paper and backing it with scor-tape? I have, and now that is my excuse for NOT buying any-even though the temptation is growing!

Lisa said...

This is fantastic!. I am always looking at and loving all the tapes out there but am never sure how to use them! This is a perfect inspiration- thanks!