Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Girls Day

Happy Girls Day to all you Ladies out there :)
Girls day is a Japanese tradition and living in Hawaii we celebrate it every
March thirdd
In honor of girls day today I made these card/hanger thingies
for my Mom and Grandma
and two little mini ones for my baby girl

I love the way these turned out and to think I did it all with one cricut cart :)
Cricut: Pagoda

So I cut two shadow cuts of the Kimono and just glued the top, that way you can still open it from the bottom and write your message.

I added a ribbon on the top so it could be hung up. The tag feature added just the right touch.

Oh ah and because it opens on the bottom it stands up too :)


RiNNE said...

These are beautiful! Great job! Happy M day! Sorry, I forgot what it is called exactly!

lissa said...

Those are beautiful!! Wanted to tell you to check my blog, I've passed an award on to you! Enjoy!