Sunday, February 7, 2010

puppy love

My kids love animals. They're always asking to pet dogs at the park and asking people if they have pets. I wish we could get them a puppy but since we rent we're not allowed to have pet. Poor us :)
This picture was taken at our friends house when we sleep over. There dog Kenji was the best. The kids just smothered him with love and he took it like a champ.
Twisted Sketches challenge this week was perfect for this picture, and the super cute paper was perfect for the challenge. See how things work out :)
The twist this week was animal anyway anyhow

Cricut: Paper Pups
Pattern Paper: imaginisce "Scooter's Vacation"

I picked up this paper a week ago and fell in love with it. It was so cute that I actually only used imaginisce paper. The background paper, the red circle, the little images in the center of the flowers and even the paper flowers were from the Scooter's vacation line. Talk about saving money :)
Just wanted to share how the flowers were done.
cheep and easy

Cut a 12x2 inch paper into strips. I just hand-cut them, nothing fancy.
Spread them apart and staple the middle, I didn't get them all in the staple but that's OK cause the glue will hold it down :)

For the middle I just hand-cut a circle from white paper, don't worry about having a perfect circle cause you want the rough look. Then run it under water, just enough to get it wet. while still wet crumple in your hand gently, unless you want rips which would look cool too. Now let dry and that's it.



{Ross} said...

Bellissimo!!! Che bello come hai interpretato lo sketch! Brava!

Brenda said...

awww I love you layout!!! And really love your flowers!! Soooo happy to see you back on line I was really missing you and would come over to check on you!!!

Star Rork said...

oh my, those embellishments are so cute! Great Job!

Nancy said...

You really did a great job on this layout! and your hand-made flowers are fab! thanx for sharing how you made them!!!